What are triggers?

Being self aware takes practice and once you begin to work towards training your brain to meet that goal, you will begin to notice that because you live life, there will be many sensory triggers that can cause both negative and positive thoughts and feelings.  It is important to become aware of what some of our own personal triggers are, both helpful and unhelpful.

Triggers are sensory, meaning that memories both good and bad have triggers that are rooted in: sounds, smells, visuals, tastes, textures and temperatures.

They can be positive and soothing for you, ie: fresh baked goods, fresh air, etc. They can also be negative, ie: voices yelling, harsh lights, loud noises, etc. Triggers tend to remind you of an experience.

These triggers can add to your daily dose of stress and impact your ability to function.  Once you begin training your brain, you will be better at noticing them and developing strategies to minimize the impact they have on your life.

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