Information Fatigue

Information Fatigue

What is it? 

Do I have it? 

Short answer…YES

  • Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by data from people and screens?
  • Having more extreme thoughts related to all of the information (ie: why is everyone worrying, what’s the big deal, I wish everyone would just stop…, what if….).
  • Maybe your level of sarcasm is beyond the norm for you.
  • Pay attention to what your body is telling you (irritability, tense, unfocused, etc).  You may be experiencing information (both info. that is true and false) fatigue.

DO: figure out how to separate yourself, at times throughout the day.  EVERY MINUTE IS IMPORTANT.  Yes, it is!  Take minutes if you are unable to take hours.

DO: consider keeping other parts of your daily routine.  When feeling stressed, we often feel distracted and unfocused.  This is a time when we feel like screens are a helpful distraction.  They are NOT.

DO: engage in activities or with people that do NOT include conversations related to your current stressors (for many right now it’s COVID-19).

DO: separate yourself from stressful information at least 30 minutes before bed…60 is preferred.

DO: check in with yourself throughout the day to see how much data you are taking in and how it’s affecting you.

~Rebecca DoughertyFroelke, MSW, LCSW