Stress Tactic

No matter if you thrive in this environment, no matter if you’re scared…….you are experiencing new and varying levels of stress right now.

As you experience the shifts from adrenaline rush to fatigue to panic to loss of routine to anger (in any order), take note of these experiences and look for opportunities to engage in a way that is more meaningful and helpful to you.   This is a simple survival tactic that you must begin practicing today.

  • Consider which of your senses is on overload right now. 
  • Consider what would help you.  For example: if you are struggling to detach from a screen, and the noise is causing you to feel negative….take a sensory break from that stimulation.  Yes, it can be that simple. 
  • Don’t be fooled into thinking “I can’t”. 
  • Don’t be fooled into thinking, “I’m fine, I can handle it.” 
  • I challenge you to notice and begin spending 5 minutes decompressing. Increase those minutes as you notice the increase in disruption and increase the minutes before bed.